Royole FlexPai caused great criticism

Three months ago, the manufacturer from China Royole presented the world's first smartphone with a folding screen. Although the device was named a commercial, rather than a test sample, the official website of the manufacturer has so far only made out a pre-order for it. At a price of 1320 dollars, the quality of the smartphone, as it turned out, leaves big questions.
At the passing CES 2019, the bending smartphone was tested by journalists, whose reviews are very far from laudatory. Yes, the mobile device can really turn around and turn back, the software changes the format to “smartphone” or “tablet” in time, but at least one minus immediately catches the eye - the device is not fixed in tablet mode.
However, despite the fact that the gadget has a rather powerful hardware, the software is currently quite “lame”, the programs running on the smartphone can cause the device to restart or just close unexpectedly.
Finally, the quality of the display leaves much to be desired - when the device is bent, the camera can turn on by itself, and in the process of using it, there are dark areas in the folds that distort the picture.