Huawei will block the ability to install launchers

In the near future, owners of Huawei smartphones will not be able to download third-party launchers - the leadership of the Chinese corporation made a strong decision to block this feature. So, starting with EMUI 9, you can use only the proprietary interface.
Representatives of the company called several reasons that prompted to block third-party launchers. First, third-party software is literally replete with advertising, which impairs the comfort of using smartphones. Secondly, many launchers do not work so well, which is why users “flood” the forums with negative comments and requests to help them. And finally, the lack of optimization of some third-party launchers leads to increased power consumption and excessive CPU load.
Thus, the owners of Huawei mobile devices will soon choose, use the old version of the system and continue to use “all the benefits” of customization, or upgrade to the latest version of EMUI and use native software.