Camera Huawei P30 Pro is recognized as the highest quality

The official announcement of the P30 Pro took place just a few days ago, and DxOMark experts have already managed to test the capabilities of its camera. Portal experts have scrupulously tested all the capabilities of the device and rendered a verdict - the camera is currently the best on the smartphone market.
“The powerful zoom turns the new Huawei into a great option for those who like to take pictures on a mobile device, but you have to admit that the camera has proven itself in all modes. The video recorded by the camera is of sufficient quality, and the portrait mode is generally incomparable - remarkable detail, the minimum noise level, despite the light. Of course, there are some minor flaws, so they have a lot to strive for, ”representatives of DxOMark noted.
The camera Huawei P30 Pro eventually earned 119 points for the quality of the photos, 97 points for the video and with an average score of 112 confidently took the first place in the rating.