Presented smart watch Xiaomi with ECG

A presentation of the new Xiaomi products took place this week, at which, among others, the Amazfit Health Watch, a smart watch with the electrocardiogram recording option, was presented. According to the Chinese side, the accuracy of the measurement of the gadget is close to 97 percent.
Thanks to the advanced system of artificial intelligence, the longer the owner will use the device, the more accurate will be her testimony and recommendations in the field of the cardiovascular system. If the watch reveals violations in its work, a message will be shown to the owner with a call to see a doctor.
If you lose consciousness or death within a few seconds, the gadget will send a corresponding message to emergency services. Watches do not have good moisture protection, because they will need to be removed before going to the shower or pool.
According to the manufacturer, the battery can withstand a week of operation of the device without recharging.