The output of a folding smartphone Mate X delays the low activity of developers

Many people are eagerly awaiting the release of the first in the Huawei line-up of the folding Mate X smartphone, but the device still does not appear, and the start of sales is constantly postponed. At the IFA 2019 these days, the director of a Chinese company shed light on the reasons for the delay in the folding gadget and focused on the timing of its release.
According to Richard U., Mate X is already completely ready and could be released to the market even tomorrow, but the whole problem is that at the moment there are not so many applications supporting it, and without them the device’s output will be crumpled.
We are waiting for two versions of a folding smartphone: the first based on the Kirin 980 should appear next month, and after a while the more powerful version with the Kirin 990 supporting 5G networks will see the light of day.