Razer Launches Cooling Smartphone Cases

Gaming smartphone maker Razer has decided to tackle smartphone accessories as well. On the eve of the company introduced special gaming cases for smartphones that can both protect devices from mechanical stress and reduce their heating.
According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the covers will be able to reduce the temperature of the smartphone by an average of 6 ° C, which should have a beneficial effect on the performance of the devices and the comfort of their use. This effect is achieved through the use of proprietary Razer Thermaphene technology, when a heat-conducting material is located between the device’s case and the polycarbonate surface of the case, which reduces the temperature of the device.
By the way, along with this, Razer launches the production of exclusive cases using the design of popular games and even applying a unique username or nickname. No doubt gamers should like the idea. True, some may be scared away by the cost of covers, which will start at $ 40.