Google buys Fitbit smartwatch maker for $2 billion

The other day, Google made a major deal - for $2.1 billion, the search giant absorbed Fitbit. With its help, Google plans to strengthen the position of its wearable devices. According to analysts, the market value of the company is currently half a billion less, but Google executives are confident that the prospects for the takeover are worth it.
“The Google platform and resources will help us accelerate technological progress in the field of wearable devices, as well as make a healthy lifestyle more accessible and popular,” said James Park CEO Fitbit.
Google hopes that with the acquisition of a manufacturer of smart watches, Google will finally be able to present wearable devices under its brand to the market.
Recall, the acquisition of Fitbit was another major purchase by the search giant in the field of wearable devices. Previously successively acquired by Misfit and Fossil.