Snapdragon 865 flagship processor announced

A technical Snapdragon summit is taking place in Hawaii these days. Of course, one of the most anticipated events at it was the announcement of a new generation of branded mobile processors Snapdragon 865. According to the representatives of the American developer, the device is at least a quarter more energy-efficient and productive than its predecessor in the person of Snapdragon 855.
In the first quarter of next year, the first smartphones running on the new chipset will appear on sale. So, it is already known that the flagship Xiaomi Mi 10 will be one of the first with the novelty “under the hood”. In addition, Motorola, Xiaomi and OPPO, who use it in their new smartphone models, expressed their interest in the processor.
Note that the chipset does not have a built-in 5G modem, so manufacturers will need to use a second-generation Snapdragon X55 external modem to support the next-generation networks complete with the chip.