Enthusiasts have found a way to circumvent Google Stadia restrictions

Gaming streaming service Stadia has been working for a little more than a month, although it is supported only by flagship Google Pixel smartphones. Of course, this state of affairs makes it difficult for everyone to enjoy the benefits of the service, and Google is considering the option of waiving restrictions on the use of the service in the future. But, apparently, not everyone wants to wait.
"Craftsmen" are already in search of options for launching games on smartphones of other models. Earlier, a way was found to start the service on third-party devices, for which it was only necessary to replace the device identifier. But this method had its difficulties. Recently, enthusiasts have found a more effective option for launching games. They suggest using a special module with an unofficial Xposed port and activated ROOT access. This method makes it possible to feel all the delights of a streaming platform on any smartphone with any type of Internet.