5-nanometer Apple A14 chip will significantly add performance to iPhone 12

Every year in September, Apple presents a new generation of smartphones. The iPhone 12 will run on the new Apple A14 5nm chip and will be much more productive than its predecessors. Analysts at MacWorld suggested what kind of gain in computing power the new product could demonstrate, and were impressed with the result.
According to TSMC, the new chip will become almost a third more energy efficient and 15 percent more powerful. After analyzing the modernization schedules of Apple chips, MacWorld employees came to the conclusion that in a single-core Geekbench test, the chip will be able to score about 1600 points, which is significantly more than 1334 of the Apple A13. As for the multi-core test, analysts expect an even more significant increase - 4,500-5,000 points compared to 3,463 for the Apple A13. If this version turns out to be true, then the power of the smartphone chip may be comparable to the processing power of the MacBook Pro.