Apple plans to increase Phone production in 2021

Apple has set a goal to increase the production of smartphones. This data was shared by the Japanese news portal Nikkei. According to the publication we are talking about a 30% increase in the first half of next year.

Insiders say that Apple wants to get partners to deliver at least 95 million smartphones, including iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE, but such ambitious goals may not come true due to a possible lack of components.

For 2021, the American company plans to produce 230 million mobile devices, which, for example, is almost 40 million more than was produced in 2019. Of course, the final figure may change downward due to insufficient consumer demand for smartphones. However, fluctuations in demand for smartphones will not seriously affect Apple's revenues - the company has successfully expanded its production of accessories and paid close attention to services, which makes the iPhone account for less than half of revenues.