Attackers created a ransomware virus under the guise of a coronavirus tracker

Unfortunately, at all times there are people who are trying to find their interest and benefit, even on someone else's grief. The other day, a virus has activated that, under the guise of a coronavirus tracker, blocks the smartphone’s screen and requires money to unlock.
The CovidLock virus has been identified by DomainTools virus detection and information security experts. According to experts, the ransomware penetrates the device due to security system gaps, and then blocks it and demands to pay $ 100 for unlocking within two days. Otherwise, attackers threaten to delete all information on the device.
The virus poses the greatest threat to older mobile devices using outdated software.
By the way, users of the Reddit resource found a key to unlock the screen. To do this, you need to enter the following combination of numbers on the keyboard - 4865083501.