Android 12 will be codenamed Snow Cone

The other day Google opened a beta version of the latest Android 12 operating system to developers. It can already be installed on the company's branded "pixels" starting from the third generation. Now it is known how the build is called inside the corporation.

Previously, each new version of the system was named after some kind of confectionery. So, for example, version 1.5 was named Cupcake, 5.0 - Lollipop, and 8.0 - Oreo (a type of cookie popular in America). For several years, this tradition has been broken and new versions are no longer named after confectionery dishes, however, it turned out that within the company new builds are still named after popular desserts.

The portal XDA Developers has found out that the new operating system will be codenamed Snow Sope (sc) after a popular brand of ice cream in a cup.
By the way, the official release of the system is scheduled for May and will take place during the traditional Google I/O conference.