TSMC forced to postpone work on 3-nm processors for three months due to coronavirus

Taiwanese TSMC chip maker suffers losses due to pandemic. The company worked on the implementation of ambitious plans, in particular on 3-nanometer production and the mass production of chips based on the 5-nanometer process technology. However, all this will have to be postponed so as not to put employees at risk of coronavirus infection.
Company management is confident that 3nm manufacturing is the future of the industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that about $ 50 billion was allocated for this production, about 40 percent of these funds have already been spent on development. TSMC planned to introduce the first working prototype of a 3-nanometer chip in July, but due to a virus outbreak, all work was delayed for three months, at least until October.
At the same time, no one has canceled the task of mass production of chips on the 5-nanometer process technology, which will be used in new products by HUAWEI and Apple.