The case is dismissed. Ubisoft withdrew lawsuit against Google, Apple and Alibaba Group

There will be no grand trial between the publisher of Ubisoft on the one hand and the creators of the game Area F2, Google and Apple on the other. The defendants complied with the plaintiff's claim, and the lawsuit was withdrawn.
The bottom line was that in the app stores Google and Apple appeared shooter Area F2, which exactly corresponded to the famous game Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege. The game was released on PC, PS 4 and Xbox several years ago and is very popular among gamers, at the same time its mobile version does not exist. More precisely, it did not exist until unscrupulous creators clone it and place it in stores.
Apparently, the creators of the copy did not want to risk money and turned off the game servers, at the same time the game was deleted from the Google and Apple app stores.