Huawei and Samsung have become the most successful smartphone manufacturers

For the second quarter of this year, Chinese Huawei and South Korean Samsung were able to demonstrate the same sales volume of smartphones, the analytical firm Visual Capitalist. Both companies have occupied exactly 20 percent of the market, ahead of Apple by 6 percent. Also among the six most successful smartphone manufacturers were Chinese Xiaomi, OPPO and Lenovo, which demonstrated 10, 9 and 8 percent of the market, respectively. Chinese companies, by the way, have produced half of all smartphones, which were sold in the second quarter of this year.

The American Qualcomm was three percent ahead of Taiwan's MediaTek in the dispute over mobile chip makers, with the companies occupying 29 and 26 percent of the market respectively. The three leaders are HiSilicon, which managed to gain 16 percent of the market.
Well, finally, in the market of mobile chips is undivided Android. The "green robot" is installed on 74 percent of smartphones, and the iOS only on 25.