Galaxy Fold 2 will be better and cheaper

The second generation of flexible smartphone will appreciate a number of improvements at a lower price. This was announced on the eve of the famous analyst Ross Young. In addition, an insider talked about some characteristics of the future news.

The cost of the Galaxy Fold 2 will start at $1,780, which is almost $200 less than its predecessor. This is largely due to the improvement of the technology for the production of flexible displays and smartphones in general.

The main camera in the new product will be used similar to the Galaxy S20 camera - a triple one, consisting of 64-megapixel and two sensors with 12 megapixels. The display of the device will be improved, its resolution frequency will reach 120 Hz, and the diagonal will be increased. In addition, the device will be equipped with an S Pen stylus and support for 5G networks.