OPPO quick charge destroys battery

UPD: OPPO conducted additional research with TÜV Rheinland, according to research after 800 charging and discharging cycles at 65W of the Ace2 device, the battery power remains above 91%.

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly competing with each other, including the speed of the charger. True, it turned out that more powerful devices destroy the battery faster. At least, representatives of the company OPPO admitted this the other day, according to Andrei Frumusan, who works at AnandTech.

Last month, OPPO introduced Ace2, whose 4000 mAh battery could be charged with either a 40-watt wireless charger or 65-watt wired. According to experts, an increase in charge speed has an extremely negative effect on battery life. So, a 15-watt charger provokes a decrease in battery capacity by about 10 percent, and when using a 40-watt charger, the loss rate increases to 30 percent with an equal number of charge / discharge cycles.
Perhaps this is why some companies, including Apple, do not use ultra-fast chargers for their smartphones.