Chrome will block ads that consume large device resources

Google is constantly working to optimize its Chrome browser. In particular, much attention is paid to advertising. For example, the Better Ads Standards standard provides uniform requirements for creating banner ads that would not annoy users and provoke them to use ad blockers.
The next step is to deal with resource-intensive ads. Such advertising is a very small fraction, less than half a percent of all advertising, but it does great harm to users, reducing the autonomy of their devices and pulling up to a quarter of the advertising traffic for themselves.
Google has set a framework, exceeding which will automatically lead to ad blocking. So, according to the new rules, in order not to be blocked, advertising should use no more than 4 MB of network data, and the duration of the call to the processor should not exceed a minute or no more than 15 seconds every half minute. Otherwise, the user will be notified that the advertisement has been blocked due to excessive use of resources.
Google expects to apply the new requirements in August.