The first beta version of Android 11 is open for testing

Google has made it possible for everyone to evaluate the test version of the new operating system, but for the time being you need a second, third or fourth generation Pixel smartphone. Other manufacturers will launch testing Android 11 in the coming days.
One of the innovations of the system will be a free application for video conferences Google Meet. Prior to that, it needed a G Suite business account to be fully operational. In addition, messages from all messengers will now be located in one place - a special section, and the conversations themselves can be ranked by importance.

Quite an interesting solution was the so-called bubble notification, when the conversation bubble is located anywhere on the screen and does not interfere with the ongoing business. No less interesting is the help of artificial intelligence in messengers, when in response to a question assistant selects several answers suitable for the context of the conversation.

And finally, in the operating system is implemented a simple management of a smart home. To activate this mode, you need to hold down the smartphone key for a few seconds and then select the desired menu item.