Some interesting innovations of Android 11 may not be implemented in third-party devices

Two weeks ago, Google launched a beta version of Android 11 for its line of Pixel smartphones, as well as for mobile devices of several other brands. After careful review of the materials on the operating system, analysts concluded that it has some options that Google requires for implementation in third-party devices, options that can be used at the request of manufacturers, and those that should be a "chip" of the series Pixel.

Of particular interest are several options that third party vendors can implement in their devices of their own choice. These include the redesigned power menu, which now includes smart home control buttons and a Google Pay card. Another interesting innovation is the system of notification about incoming messages of messengers. Now messages are grouped in one place, and new messages are placed at the top. And finally, third party developers will be able to take advantage of a special tool that will save the owner's digital documents, including passports or rights, in a safe memory location.