Prices for smartphones iPhone 12

Apple is about to introduce a new line of iPhone 12 smartphones, which will consist of four models: 12, 12 mini, Pro-version and the maximum 12 Pro Max. In anticipation of the presentation on the web appeared the expected prices for the novelties.

According to the insider @a_rumors1111, the cost of the smartphone 12 mini in minimum configuration will be 650 dollars, in maximum - 800 dollars, iPhone 12 in minimum configuration will be offered for 750 dollars, and in maximum - 900 dollars. The 12 Pro in the budget version will cost 1000 dollars, and in the maximum - 1300 dollars, and finally, the 12 Pro Max in the inexpensive configuration is estimated by the manufacturer at 1100 dollars, and in the maximum - 1400 dollars.

Judging by the distribution of prices, Apple has set the goal to please a large number of potential customers with different amounts of money in the wallet.
By the way, for a more or less inexpensive price mini-version will pay not only a smaller screen without support for 120 Hz refresh rate, but also less powerful chip B14 Bionic.