Poco is working on the successor of Pocophone F1

Leaving two years ago, Pocophone F1 immediately became a "people's brand", for a reasonable price the owners of this gadget got at the disposal of quite an interesting device with a serious filling. Since then, a lot of water has passed away, Poco has released several new models, but such a success as with the Poco F1 has not achieved. Having taken care of this circumstance, the company's management decided to release the successor of the bestseller.

"Poco F1 has managed to change the smartphone market. People expect the same from his successor. Poco F2 Pro did not become this smartphone, so we started developing a true successor to Poco F1. It will take time, but we will achieve the goal," the company said.

Recall that recently released X3 NFC was estimated by the manufacturer at only 20 thousand rubles, but it was a smartphone with very limited capabilities, and F2 Pro for 50 thousand rubles - also not a budget option. Let's see if the manufacturer will be able to combine a low price and a powerful filling.