Honor plans to overtake Huawei and become the most successful smartphone manufacturer in China

In November, Huawei took the unpopular step of selling its successful Honor sub-brand under the pressure of U.S. government sanctions. Having become an independent company, Honor decided not to be petty and set a goal to take the lead in the industry, overtaking the parent company.

Gizchina citing its sources reports about the ambitious goal of the newly independent company to sell as much as 100 million devices. Such an ambitious plan, of course, may not materialize, however, just the desire to gain a foothold in the industry and fight for leadership cannot but inspire respect.

At the moment, Honor management is in important negotiations with component suppliers, in particular with the leading chipmakers Qualcomm and MediaTek. If the company signs all the necessary agreements, it will be able to please its boss, who at a recent meeting with employees called the main goal for the near future the overtaking of Huawei and leadership in smartphone production in the Middle Kingdom.