Smartphone microscope sensor with 800x zoom introduced

With the help of a tiny sensor any modern smartphone with a camera can be turned into a powerful microscope. A team of scientists from Qingying E&T LLC has created a device capable of providing 800x zoom with incredibly low distortion. Demonstrating their invention, the developers showed under 800x magnification a fly's head and antennae, in which their spiral structure was easily guessed.
At the moment, raising money for the production, the device will cost a little more than 30 dollars, which is about 100 times cheaper than the cost of a typical desktop microscope.

The device is called the iMicro Q2 and can easily be attached to a smartphone camera when the need arises for scientific research. Thanks to a handy case, the compact microscope can be carried around and used almost anywhere and in any environment. To work, the user will need to install a special program on the smartphone.