Red Magic 6 Pro gaming smartphone will get 120-watt charging and reinforced battery case

Ahead of the announcement of the Red Magic 6 Pro gaming smartphone, company CEO Ni Fei decided to reveal a few key features of the device, noting the battery and charger.

According to the CEO, the novelty has a fast 120-watt charger, capable of half the battery of the gadget in just 5 minutes. This will certainly appeal to gamers, because just a few minutes of charging and you can continue to play again.
To make the process of charging the battery faster, ZTE engineers have developed technology using graphite plates, which help the electrolyte to accumulate and distribute the energy of the charge faster.

Among other things, the manufacturer has taken care of the safety of the smartphone in the event of battery failure. To this end, the battery case is significantly strengthened, and now even serious problems with the battery can not lead to a breakdown of the internal components of the smartphone.