Due to a large-scale leak, the data of half a billion Facebook users hit the Internet

Facebook has faced an emergency situation, the confidential data of more than half a billion social network users appeared on the Internet and now anyone can download them.
Initially about grandiose data leak wrote some leading news publications, a bit later information was confirmed by cybersecurity expert Dave Walker. He, in particular, stated that among the data for 533 million users of the network contains information about the company's top managers Dustin Moskovitsh, Chris Hughes, and even about Mark Zuckerberg himself.
By the way, this wasn't the only leak that happened to the company. Once information about 87 million users was leaked online, and the analytical company Cambridge Analytica contributed greatly to it. The U.S. authorities fined Facebook $5 billion, accusing it of improper use of data, and the latter, in turn, promised to do its best to prevent future leaks.