The characteristics of unannounced Pixel 6 and 6 Pro appeared on the web

According to the data presented by the insider, the basic version will get a 6.4-inch screen with FullHD+ quality and 120 Hz. The battery capacity will be 4000 mAh. Paired with a 50 megapixel sensor will work with an ultra-wide-angle sensor.

The Pro-version will feature a slightly larger 6.67-inch screen that supports QuadHD+. Will undergo changes and the amount of battery, in the Pro-version the company uses batteries at 5000 mAh. Unlike the basic version, the main camera unit will consist of three sensors, to the 50-megapixel and ultra-wide sensor will be added a sensor for 8 megapixels.

Under the "hood" of new items will be placed an optimized Google 5-nanometer octa-core Silicon GS101 processor. According to the blogger, the basic version will cost $700, and the Pro-version - $950.