Samsung revealed a new 200-megapixel photo sensor

Samsung has once again proved that it is a leader in the industry. At the presentation a new sensor was presented, which gives the ability to take pictures in the quality of 200 megapixels.

Each pixel of the ISOCELL HP1 is equal to 0.64 microns. The sensor is capable of combining 4 to 16 neighboring pixels, in the first case the resulting picture will be 50-megapixel with a pixel size of 1.28 microns, and in the second, 12.5-megapixel, and the pixel will reach 2.65 microns.
The video shooting capabilities of the new sensor will also be very impressive. In 4K format shooting will be at 120 FPS, and in 8K - at 30 FPS. There are modes Super PD-focus and dynamic range HDR.

Production of the sensor has not yet begun, and the time of appearance of mobile devices with this sensor is unknown. Some believe that the first smartphone with ISOCELL HP1 will be the Galaxy S22. In any case, with the sensor the quality of photo and video shooting will rise to a new level.