More than half of Americans prefer to play on smartphones rather than consoles and PCs

The mobile gaming is a very profitable industry, last year the revenues from mobile games brought to the developers 90 billion dollars. And these figures are far from accidental.

Earlier when mentioning video games we thought of consoles and computers. Now the largest army of gamers plays with their smartphones, at least that is what the recent research shows.

The survey, which was conducted by Statista staff, involved about 7 thousand American citizens. Respondents were asked how they prefer to play: on a computer, on a console or on a smartphone. Fifty-four percent of those surveyed named smartphones, 35 percent named consoles and 32 percent named PCs.

The result is hardly surprising. Smartphones are always around and allow you to play games whenever you want. In addition, with the growth of processor power, it is now possible to play even the most "heavy" games on smartphones.