Xiaomi has developed a technology for storing content in the RAM of a smartphone

RAM speed is very high. Fast LPDDR5 type memory accelerates up to 44 GB/s and far exceeds even the most advanced flash memory models. With this in mind, it's no surprise that Xiaomi engineers decided to try using RAM to store content, particularly for installing games and applications.

The new technology is called RAMDISK, and no one has tried it on smartphones before, even though it has been used on computers for quite some time. Using the technology, an application or game is written directly into the RAM, which is used as a virtual storage device. Due to the high speed of RAM, the performance of applications and games noticeably increases.

However, the technology also has disadvantages. One of them is the limited content support. Thus, at the moment, only about ten applications can be run in RAMDISK mode. In addition, everything in RAM is deleted when the smartphone is turned off, and therefore an accidental power-off will remove all the content located there. And finally, at the moment, there is only one smartphone model that supports Mi 10 Ultra technology.