New technology to combat glare

Glare is one of the problems faced by all lovers of photography. They can appear on almost anything - water, windows or mirrors. Most often they appear when shooting through glass. Many photographers have their own methods of reducing glare, but more advanced technology may appear in the future. The other day it published information on specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
It is noteworthy that the first scientists used in their system, ultra-fast camera, but now at the heart of the development is a modified Kinect. However, engineers say that he was given such a transition is not very easy. To make any necessary changes experts joined forces with Microsoft Research.

Новая технология для борьбы с бликами

Developed by engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the system measures the frequency and intensity of the light reflection and with the help of a special mechanism combats glare and reflections. In the future, created by specialists of the system may appear in consumer products. True, it will happen, probably not very soon.