Light will create a smartphone with nine cameras

A modern smartphone is not just a "dialer" for a long time. World manufacturers in the endless race offer customers more and more sophisticated and sophisticated gadgets that combine both the game console, and surfing the Internet, and a powerful multimedia center, and high-resolution photo and video. Some manufacturers in their desire to get ahead of competitors are trying to do simply incredible - so Light is preparing a smartphone with 9 photographic lenses.
Light работает над реализацией смартфона с девятью фотомодулями

According to the Washington Post, Light is currently testing prototypes and is planning to show results this year. It is known that the principle of action of such a multimodule camera will be based on the creation of a high-quality photograph by applying images with differing focal lengths.
Of course, to become the owner of such a smartphone will be very expensive, its cost can reach two thousand dollars.