1 TB cards from Longsys will be available soon

Back in 2016, SanDisk was the first in the world to demonstrate a 1 TB card. Unfortunately, the device did not go on a massive sale, remaining only a prototype. But Longsys, apparently, is ready not only to present its 1-terabyte analogue, but also to sell it to customers.
At the moment, the prices for the SD card are quite high, since its official cost is $ 500, the B & H supplier is ready to sell it for $ 400. And, interestingly, the purchase of two cards for 512 GB at the moment is significantly more profitable than the acquisition of a card for 1 TB. The same store sells semi-card cards at a price of $ 150.
Despite the official recording speed of 30 MB / s, the maximum speed of the card can reach 70 MB / s. Almost certainly, the device will appeal to high-resolution cameramen and content creators.