Geekbench declassified processor Samsung Galaxy Fold

February 20 at a special event, Samsung introduced its first folding smartphone. However, company representatives did not specify either the brand of the processor or its performance. All this data was declassified by a popular benchmark, in the archives of checks of which data concerning the new items were found.
According to Geekbench, the device is equipped with an eight-core Qualcomm chipset. And given that the manufacturer claimed to use 7-nm technology, we can assume that the Galaxy Fold works on Snapdragon 855.
In the single-core test mode, the novelty knocked out 3418 points, in the multi-core test - 9700 points. Low data may be due to the fact that a test sample was used for testing.
Galaxy Fold sales are scheduled for April 26, the cost of the device is close to two thousand dollars.