Nokia does not specifically update old smartphone models

The Android Pie operating system for Nokia 5, 6 and 8 models has been rumored to be ready for a long time, but HMD Global specifically pulls them out to provoke an increase in sales of its “fresh” brainchild - Nokia 8.1, which will work out of the box right out of the box. version of the "green man."
On the Internet, they write that this is a strong-willed decision of the general director of the concern, who is confident that in this way it will be possible to achieve sales growth for the new product. Company analysts told him that gadget buyers are paying great attention to the operating system and are trying to buy devices with the latest version of the OS.
Rumors caused such a resonance in the society that the company’s press service had to publish a statement stating that the updates were not specifically delayed and would be available when all the necessary tests were completed.