Google Stadia does not plan to reduce the cost of games

In late autumn, Google will launch Google’s paid gaming platform, Stadia, through which any user can take full advantage of cloud gaming, that is, play on any device using the server’s processing power. Since in this case, it will not be necessary to purchase disks with the game, and everything will be stored on the cloud, many have assumed that the games will become cheaper. However, the head of the unit Stadia in a recent interview dispelled this myth.
“We do not see why games should become cheaper. Using Stadia gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy the game on any device, be it a smartphone, TV or PC. This will be a valuable advantage, ”said the head of Stadia.
Recall, the cost of a subscription to Stadia Pro with a collection of free games and a resolution of 4K will be 10 dollars.