Apple plans to build a folding iPad next year

The idea of ​​creating folding devices has found wide support from leading companies in the world. Samsung and Huawei have already released their versions of gadgets, next year Microsoft will launch a folding Surface Series tablet on the market. One of the industry leaders Apple, of course, can not afford to stay away.
On the eve of the famous analyst Jeff Lin told about the new development of the American corporation. According to him, the folding device will work on the top A-series proprietary processor, and its diagonal will be comparable to the diagonal of the MacBook. Folding iPad can be the first device of the "apple" corporation, which will receive a 5G-modem.
The obvious disadvantage of a folding tablet can be, perhaps, its rather high price. One folding screen, which Samsung is likely to produce, will account for the lion's share of the total cost.