HTC plans to resume production of premium smartphones

For the past five quarters, HTC has been working in the red. During this time, a large number of company employees were laid off, and part of the mobile business was sold to Google. But the company hopes to return to operation and once again loudly declare itself.
Yves Maitres, recently appointed CEO, said at a press conference that the company had realized the mistakes and was ready to move on. He noted that the cessation of innovation in the mobile sphere and the emphasis on virtual reality did not pay off.
“It seems to me that the steps taken earlier were taken at a bad time. Of course, such things are difficult to foresee, but we will try to catch up. We have a large number of assets and highly qualified personnel, and therefore I am confident that we will recover, ”the head of the company assured, adding that he would do everything possible to return to the premium smartphone market.