Google will stop production of Pixel 3 after the release of Pixel 4

Tomorrow will be the long-awaited presentation of the fourth generation of "pixels". On the eve of this event, it became known about the upcoming abandonment of the continuation of the production of Pixel 3. At least, Ishan Agarwal recently informed about this.
As evidence, an insider from India presented a poster on which Google compares the new smartphone model with its predecessor in the face of Pixel 3a. The fact that this place was found only in this series of smartphones may mean that the company is not going to use the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in the future. Moreover, according to Agarwal, the production of these smartphones will stop on the day of the presentation, that is, tomorrow.
Recall, the Pixel 3a line, which combines the interfaces of more expensive models, a powerful camera and an affordable price, was released in late spring.