TSMC has blunted the construction of a 3-nanometer chip factory

In 2023, TSMC will begin production of proprietary chips using revolutionary 3-nanometer technology. For these purposes, a Taiwanese company has already bought a 30-hectare plot, where the first plant for the production of new chips will be erected.
To confidently look ahead, companies have to increase investment in science and research. This is exactly the way the Taiwanese company went. To date, the company's costs for its own development are at least not inferior, and according to some data have already exceeded the amount of costs of their main competitor Intel.
A competent approach to work has already managed to give a significant result. According to the press service of the company, net revenue in the third quarter amounted to almost 9.4 billion dollars and more than 24 billion for the first three quarters, which is one and a half percent more than last year.