Xiaomi stopped working on its own processors

A few years ago, Xiaomi introduced the Mi5C smartphone. One of its features was that it worked on a proprietary processor Surge S1. The following years, everyone was waiting for the release of new chipsets from the Chinese manufacturer, but, apparently, the hopes were not destined to come true. Xiaomi considered the development of branded chips a thankless task and switched to other projects. At least insiders are reporting this.
According to analysts, the Chinese manufacturer does not want to deal with products that require large amounts of investment, and the production of branded chips is certainly expensive. Instead, the company has set its sights on working with peripheral components, modules and Bluetooth devices, which can be profitable and will help to gain a foothold in the corresponding segment in a short time.
By the way, the latest acquisitions of the Chinese company directly confirm the conclusions of analysts. Xiaomi invested in several companies involved in the development of microchips and processors, and also bought shares of Hypower Electronics, which specializes in creating chips.