In Germany, will be obliged to clean the memory of smartphones to extend battery life

From the beginning of the new year, a law will begin to operate in Germany, according to which, at the legislative level, citizens will be obliged to take care of the batteries of their gadgets. So, all Germans will be obliged to install a specially written program on their smartphones that will monitor the state of RAM, checking whether the list of open applications is cleared. Otherwise, the gadget owner may face a fine.
The bill aims to improve the environmental status and reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The fact is that every year a huge number of smartphones and batteries fall into landfills, which could still serve with careful use. Instead, their owners buy a new smartphone, preferring to throw out the old one. Regularly cleaning the list of running applications significantly reduces battery consumption and increases its battery life.
According to German politicians, compliance with this law will significantly reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.