TSMC revenue did not fall due to the ban on the release of chips for Huawei

In clear compliance with the ban on trading with Chinese companies, TSMC has not produced processors for Huawei since mid-May. The head of a Taiwanese company said this in a recent interview. Many believed that the ban on trading with a leading Chinese company would have a deplorable impact on the chip maker's revenue, but according to reports, on the contrary, the revenue increased by more than a quarter. This is largely due to increased orders for 5G components and additional orders from other manufacturers.

The ban put Huawei and its supplier on the lookout for a supplier. The Chinese company was the second most important customer for TSMC and is now looking for a chip manufacturer whose production capacity can cope with its high demands. If the U.S. government does not backtrack and lift the ban, Huawei can approach MediaTek and Samsung, as well as local manufacturers, with a proposal for cooperation.