Huawei has paid Qualcomm $1.8 billion for the right to use technology

The situation between Chinese and American companies remains tense. The U.S. authorities prohibit their companies from cooperating with Huawei, even though the U.S. companies do not benefit from these sanctions themselves. However, even under such conditions, companies find ways to work together.
The other day, Huawei transferred 1.8 billion dollars to Qualcomm's account as repayment of license fee debts, which guarantees companies to continue cooperation in the same amount. In addition, this significant tranche has seriously raised the value of the U.S. company's shares - at the end of July, the share value reached $106, having strengthened by 13 percent.

The payment situation, among other things, increased the company's profit and revenue, offsetting the negative dynamics caused by the coronavirus pandemic and problems with customers due to delays in the release of smartphones.