At least 100 million Americans use the TikTok app

In a lawsuit with the U.S. government, the developers of the popular TikTok service for the first time gave specific figures showing a huge army of American users. According to the above information, over the past year and a half the number of users of the service has increased by 8 times and currently stands at over 100 million Americans. Every day 50 million unique users from the U.S. enter the application.

Recall that Trump is going to ban the application next month, accusing its creators of spying for the Chinese government. After the appearance of the relevant decree, the Chinese developer was forced to go to court.

By the way, the total number of users of the service is approaching 700 million, turning it into one of the most popular in the world. However, TikTok Facebook coverage is still far away, the social network has over 2.7 billion users and their number is steadily growing. By the way, in Instagram, which owns the above social network, not so long ago appeared an application Reels, which has much in common with TikTok.