Certification of the first products to support the new Wi-Fi 6E standard has begun

The International Alliance for the Advancement of Wi-Fi Technology has started work on certification of devices that will work in the new Wi-Fi 6E standard. The first such devices should appear in the very near future.

The current Wi-Fi standard is implemented on two bands: 5 GHz and 2,4 GHz. This new standard will also allow the use of a third 6 GHz band, which will have a positive impact on the speed and reliability of Internet connections. The number of radio waves involved in this case will increase by 4 times, which will avoid channel congestion and increase the width and speed of the connection.

Because the Snapdragon 888 incorporates the new Wi-Fi 6E standard, many smartphones supporting the new platform will be coming to market this year. However, this does not mean that the spread of the new standard will be rapid. So far, many devices do not even support Wi-Fi 6, which has been several years since its release.

Analyst company IDC believes that by the end of next year, only one-fifth of all devices will support the new standard.