Faster, safer and more powerful. ARM presented new architecture

The other day ARM showed a novelty, on the basis of which many high-performance chips will be created in the near future. The new architecture Arm v9, according to the developer, is able to raise the performance of central processing units by a third.
A long ten years have passed since the presentation of the previous version of the architecture and, of course, the time has come for its improvement. The first devices with Arm v9 will tentatively appear this year.

The main advantages of the new architecture will be security and speed. A secure hardware environment will keep data in a protected space, each application will be able to process information independently from other applications and even from the operating system, which will greatly increase the overall security of sensitive information.

New technologies such as machine learning, neural networks and 5G networks require the processing of large amounts of data. The new SVE2 technology helps significantly speed up this processing. In addition, the company's engineers have achieved significant optimization, which is expected to result in a 30 percent increase in CPU performance.