OPPO is working on an amazing smartphone

This week, information leaked on the Internet about a rather interesting smartphone that OPPO engineers are working on. The device will be devoid of all buttons, connectors and holes.
A well-known analyst and insider from the Celestial Digital Chat Station on his page on the social network has published a post devoted to future novelty OPPO. According to the analyst, in normal mode, hidden under the screen of the device front camera will not be visible. It will not be visible and the main camera, which will be securely hidden behind the electrochrome glass. The glass, in turn, will become transparent only when the camera is activated.
The device will not have the standard physical buttons. Their role will be assigned to sensor areas, which will be able to distinguish the force of pressing. To all other things, if we believe the insider, the smartphone will not receive any connectors, so its charging, perhaps, will be done with the help of magnetic connectors.
It is likely that the smartphone will get the status of a demonstration and will not be intended for sale, although everything can be.