Xiaomi took the first place in sales in 12 countries

At the end of the first quarter, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi took first place in sales in 12 countries simultaneously. This remarkable result, of course, the company could not have achieved in the absence of major problems in the main competitor Huawei, however, the result is shown remarkable.

Among the states in which Xiaomi has become a "people's brand" include India, Croatia, Poland, CIS countries, Lithuania, Nepal and Colombia. In this case, for example, in Spain, the Chinese brand is firmly in the lead for five quarters, and if you consider all European countries as a whole, Xiaomi holds second place for the first time in its history.

Last year brought the company a quarter more profit compared to 2019, its shipments increased by 17.5 million. The plan for this year is to reach the mark of 200 million smartphones sold.